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"My family gas been going to Dr. Charlie for over 10 years now. He's professional, kind and patient. His staff is great and, all in all, a great experience, especially if this is your first time being adjusted."
- Letitia H., Willingboro, NJ

"Dr. Charlie is simply the best! I have had a bad back and have been seeing him regularly for years and he always makes me feel better! His office is super clean and his staff is always very nice, friendly and welcoming."
- Lauren S., Warrington, PA

"Great place to get adjusted. Dr. Charlie is very knowledgeable and helpful in diagnosing certain pains"
- Tim R., Levittown, PA

"I just started seeing Dr. Charlie and it's already been a huge difference from my previous chiropractor. I trust what he is doing and I love that he explains everything he is doing and why. He is kind as can be and the office is clean and professional."
- Kerri H., Bensalem, PA

"None better than Dr. Charlie! He really cares and his staff is just as good! Can't thank you all enough."
- Mike B., Bristol, PA

"Dr. Charlie is the best! He knows what he's doing and is so friendly and polite. I recommend him to everyone!"
- RoseMary R., Bristol, PA

"Dr. Charlie is the best! If you are looking for a good chiropractor, try Charlie. You will not be disappointed!"
- Patty S., Langhorne, PA

"I've always said that Dr. Charlie has golden hands. I've been to other chiropractors, but they don't stand up to his ways or could shine his shoes, he's the best!"
- Richard K., Southampton, NJ

"Lower Bucks Total Health is great. Dr. Charlie is awesome!"
- Louis and Pam T., Bristol, PA

"I'm a patient of Dr. Charlie's and he is a wonderful person and has a great personality. If anyone can fix your back, it's Dr. Charlie!"

- Karen B., Bristol, PA

"After having to find another chiropractor after 33 years with the same miracle worker due to illness, a friend recommended Dr. Charlie. I thank her for her recommendation for he is wonderful and professional. I never thought I would find another doctor who could work the magic I so desperately need when my body is not at its best."
- Donna B., Bristol, PA

"I've been going to Dr. Charlie for a while now and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs chiropractic care. I always feel so much better after leaving. My back pain has completely disappeared after seeing him. I always look forward to my appointments with him, not only because I feel great afterwards but also because he is friendly, professional and always a pleasure to chat with."
- Amanda M., Levittown, PA

"The man with the plan, got me back to the gym again! If you're looking for a good doc in Bucks County, he's the man!"
- Ed P., Riverside, NJ

"After having lower back and neck pain, I went to see Dr. Charlie and after one visit, my neck feels so much better and my lower back pain was gone the next day. Learned a lot and will be going back and definitely will be referring my friends and family to the office!"
- Brenda M., Croydon, PA

"I'm so glad I walked into Dr. Charlie's office! He and Sonja really are the best! I haven't felt this good in a long time!"
- Rosemary B., Croydon, PA

"No one was more skeptical and actually afraid to go to the chiropractor than me! However when a disc in my neck caused me horrible pain, Dr. Charlie helped me tremendously! If you're in the area, call his office and make an appointment."
- Kim C., Feasterville, PA

"The best in the business! Dr. Charlie knows wellness!"
- Jeremy J., Willingboro, NJ

"Dr. Charlie has helped me with my chronic back problems and is also a great asset to the community with his involvement in trying to help us better understand our health and wellness. He's got my back!"
- Joe S., Bristol, PA

"I am so glad to be a part of Dr. Charlie's ongoing efforts. After many years of trying to find the right doctor, he's been a needle in a haystack!"
- Ree M., Levittown, PA

" I visited Dr. Charlie after my dog jumped on my back four weeks after abdominal surgery. After my 'accident' my ribs were so sore that I could not inhale without feeling tremendous pain. My family doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and narcotic pain killers to help me cope with the pain, but after a week I felt absolutely no improvement. I was always skeptical of chiropractic, but at the urging of my fiance and also out of desperation, I went to Dr. Flood's office. I saw him on Saturday and by Sunday night I could breathe again. By Monday my pain was almost completely gone and by Tuesday, you'd have never known that I spent the previous week stuck in bed on narcotic pain killers and muscle relaxers - it was a miracle! I've also had terrible tailbone pain for several years now. In fact, I had four epidural treatments at the hospital to try to minimize the pain, but they never worked. After that Saturday visit with Dr. Charlie, my tailbone pain was also completely gone. I've gone from a skeptic to an avid believer in chiropractic care! No drugs, no recovery time and the office visits are super fast! I'd recommend Dr. Flood to anybody experiencing any discomfort - I just wish I'd gone to him sooner!"
- Suzi S., Levittown, PA

"Forget Chase Utley, Dr. Charlie YOU are the man! I don't say this because we're old friends, but as a recent patient who came in with skepticism, not directed at your abilities, but whether or not chiropractic would be the answer to my pain. Due to all the heavy snow this winter, shoveling took a major toll on my back. I had trouble sleeping and had to sleep in an upright fetal position just to fall back asleep at times. My quality of life was not what it was prior to this so I called Dr. Charlie. After my first visit, my skepticism became optimism. After my second visit, I felt 90% better and was able to sleep without any pain! Now I come in for maintenance visits to keep my spine properly aligned, limber and pain-free. My observation of Dr. Charlie's bedside manner with other patients is incredible whether he's talking about health, sports or just life in general. I highly recommend my friend, and now new doctor, Dr. Charlie Flood. He helped me regain my quality of life and that is something I will be forever grateful for. Thank you Charlie!
- Matt L., Levittown, PA

"Hi Dr. Charlie, I just wanted to drop you a line to let everyone know about the great care I received from you in treating my frozen shoulder. Thank you for your personal and professional attention to my problem and helping me get back to a normal range of motion. I recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again for a job well done!"
- Jackie S., Philadelphia, PA

"I was having excruciating leg pain and went to the hospital where they took a CT scan and  sent me home with a prescription for pain medication. After just 2 visits with Dr. Charlie, my leg pain was gone! Thank you Dr. Charlie!"
- Norma M., Bristol, PA

"I think Lower Bucks Total Health is fantastic! Dr. Charlie is always so nice and always treats me with a smile. My treatment with Dr. Charlie has helped me tremendously. I was in a car accident a year ago and it took me months to heal using only physical therapy. In May, I was unfortunately rear-ended and this time went to see Dr. Charlie and within a few weeks, I was back to normal. In addition to helping me with my accident, I suffer from headaches and lower back pain and his chiropractic care always relieves my pain  and has helped me so much. I sometimes walk into their office barely able to move but when I leave, I always feel better!"
- Nicole H., Langhorne, PA

"I've been to several chiropractors in the area, including center city Philadelphia, for my pain but to no avail. However, with Dr. Flood, I got long-lasting relief with my very first adjustment from him! Dr. Flood is the best!"
- Barbara N., Philadelphia, PA

"We recommend going to Lower Bucks Total Health because as soon as we walked in the door, we felt welcomed. Dr. Charlie does not just treat you like a patient, he treats you like a friend. He takes his time explaining what he's doing and even gives suggestions of what we can do at home to help prevent  injuries and strengthen our bodies. Thank you Dr. Charlie!"
- Brian and Dena B., Fairless Hills, PA

"I highly recommend the chiropractic care you will receive with Dr. Charlie. If you are looking for honesty along with excellent care, Lower Bucks Total Health is where you want to be. I injured my back 48 years ago and realize there is no cure, but the pain relief that I get from my adjustments make my life a better place to be. Do yourself a favor and come and meet Dr. Charlie."
- Betty D., Bristol, PA

"Dr. Charlie, thank you so much for your thorough treatments. I can't explain the frustration that someone who is used to doing everything for themselves feels when they can barely move, let alone be a mother to my daughter and survive normal day-to-day activities. I couldn't believe that my pain and frustration could be eased so simply by your adjustments. Thank you again so much, I wish you the best in everything you do!"
- Kelli F., Philadelphia, PA

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