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Members Save $50 on Massages at Our Office!

Whether for its therapeutic benefits, the relaxation you get from them, or both. If you enjoy massages, you owe it to yourself to become a member of our "Rub Club"!

Our "Rub Club" is our Massage Loyalty Program that gives its members convenience and also saves them money! By becoming a member of our "Rub Club"
you purchase five one hours massages at a discounted rate that you can redeem any time you want within the next 6 months of your purchase.

Another benefit of these "Rub Club" massages is that these massages are shareable between family members and friends. This is ideal for
couples who both enjoy massages and also, since they're pre-paid, giving one of your massages to someone makes the perfect gift too!

For more information about our "Rub Club" please call our office!