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Our Treatment Program

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We use the A-S-R treatment program at our office with the goal of helping our patients achieve long-term, total body wellness. As you browse our website, you'll see that neck and back pain are only small pieces of the puzzle and just the beginning of how chiropractic can help you. In the big picture of your health, the true premise of chiropractic care is to help you achieve and maintain optimal health by ensuring the proper structural, functional and biomechanical support of your body through a preventive and proactive approach to your health.

We confidently stand behind our treatment program because it goes much farther than simply treating pain. Pain is merely a symptom of your problem. Our treatment program is effective because it takes a whole body approach to your care. This helps us treat you more effectively and minimize, or eliminate, any contributing or exacerbating factors to your condition, putting you on the road to recovery and long-term wellness!

Below is an explanation of each component and why we utilize this program at our office


The first step in any wellness treatment program starts with chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments balance your spine, normalize joint function, relieve stress on your muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves and restores your body's natural healing ability. From a chiropractic perspective, we believe that optimal structure and optimal function go hand in hand for good health. The perfect example of this is a spinal subluxation or misalignment.

The spinal column is designed to not only be flexible to allow us movement and mobility, but also to house and protect the central nervous system, which is the equivalent of a master control system that coordinates, controls and regulates the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system in the entire body. When there is a misalignment of a spinal joint, it restricts normal spinal movement, which leads to abnormal mechanical stresses being placed on the body such as postural distortions and accelerated degenerative processes such as arthritis and other pain syndromes if left uncorrected. In addition to the mechanical stresses from this spinal restriction, it also impinges on the spinal nerve that exits between the vertebrae and affects all the functions throughout the body that the impinged spinal nerve is responsible for. This causes decreased function of your body, which has a negative effect on your overall health. These spinal misalignments are removed with chiropractic adjustments to restore your body's structural and functional integrity.

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A house is unstable if its foundation isn't solid. Your feet are your body's foundation and any weight-bearing imbalances in your feet can create abnormal biomechanical and postural distortions that can place excessive stress on your body and its joints. Many times, the root of lower back pain is not in the spine, but instead in a structural imbalance that can be traced back to the feet not properly supporting the weight above them. Before long-term improvement can be achieved, these biomechanical and postural distortions must be reduced. For example, if cracks develop in the walls of your house because of an unstable foundation and you simply patch them over without addressing the foundation, the cracks will eventually reappear again. It's for this reason that this is the most vital component of our treatment program in terms of helping you achieve long-term improvement!

To ensure the long-term effectiveness of your adjustments, we recommend Stabilizing Orthotics to provide your body with the proper structural and biomechanical support it needs. Stabilizing Orthotics are custom-made orthotics that you wear in your shoes that are specifically designed for each individual's unique biomechanical, postural and weight bearing patterns. Made for your feet, but designed for your body, they create a balanced foundation for your body by supporting all three arches of each foot to help keep your body properly balanced and supported. Stabilizing the spine and pelvis provides long lasting results, maximizes the effectiveness of your adjustments and is a vital part of ensuring long-term spinal health. Together, chiropractic care and Stabilizing Orthotics help keep your life in balance!

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The final component of our treatment program is soft tissue rehabilitation. We develop a specific rehabilitation program for each patient to accelerate the healing process using our combination of rehabilitative therapies that can include massage therapy, cold laser therapy, kinesiology taping, electrotherapy, decompression therapy, ultrasound, spinal intersegmental traction and postural-specific rehabilitative exercises.

Each rehabilitation program is customized specifically to each patient based on their unique injuries, conditions and biomechanical and postural needs to reduce pain, strengthen the body's core, reduce biomechanical stresses and postural distortions, improve balance and coordination, stretch tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles, optimize range of motion and mobility and reduce the risk for future injuries and re-injury.

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