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Phase 2 - Corrective Care


On the Road to Recovery

Most chiropractors consider eliminating pain and symptoms the easy part of treatment. If you choose to discontinue your care just after your pain is reduced, the chances of your condition recurring become much greater. In order to prevent a recurrence of your injury or condition, it is necessary to continue receiving care even after your symptoms are gone.

Once your pain and symptoms subside, the correction of the root of your problem can begin. During the corrective/rehabilitative phase of care, we shift our focus from away from pain relief and to returning you to your pre-injury state. The treatment objective is to allow the injured area and its surroundiung soft tissues to fully heal, to allow muscles, tendons and ligaments to return to their normal length and restore the normal function and movement of the spine, joints and muscles, very similar to the way that a set of braces act in helping a set of teeth return to its normal alignment. You will not have to receive adjustments as often as you did during the initial phase of care and a program of corrective exercises could be added into your treatment plan to accelerate your healing.

If you experience mild flare-ups in your condition, don't be discouraged, this is normal. Flare-ups have been known to occur during this phase of care because your body has not yet fully healed. The length of the corrective phase of care can be dependant on the severity of your injury or condition as well as how long you have had your injury or condition prior to receiving care.