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Our Mission Statement

 At Lower Bucks Total Health, we are dedicated to making our high quality chiropractic care, massage therapy, rehabilitative therapies and wellness products available to the residents of Lower Bucks County and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to our patients is to provide them with sound healthcare options to help them reach their chosen health care goals.

We respect your right to decide what level of health and wellness is appropriate for you. We will offer you options to restore your health to the highest level possible, then work with you to help you reach and maintain those levels, if you choose to do so.

We will strive to always provide you with high quality care in a prompt, professional and efficient manner.

We will maintain the time-honored tradition of respect for our patients and the often not so time-honored right you have of being a full-fledged partner in all decisions concerning your treatment at our office.

We will offer you options involving chiropractic care, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises and rehabilitation, nutritional and wellness counseling in addition to personal motivation. We will help educate you so you can make better choices involving all of these options. This will empower you to get relief, correct any underlying problems that may be affecting your condition and achieve and maintain optimal health!

We will strive to deliver this quality care in a cost-effective and affordable fashion. We will make our chiropractic care, massage therapy, rehabilitative therapies and wellness products affordable to you if you are committed to regaining your health.

We are committed to serving serious and difficult cases, even if all alternatives have been exhausted, as long as we believe our partnership in the pursuit of your health is a responsible, ethical and appropriate approach.

This is our mission and shall continue to be into the future. We look forward to serving you, our patient, in the fulfillment of this mission!