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Your Second Visit


Your first visit at our office is important because it helps us gain insight about your condition and gets you started on the road to recovery and wellness. Your second visit is equally important because it provides Dr. Charlie with the opportunity to discuss the specific details of your customized treatment plan with you.

Following your initial visit, Dr. Charlie will further analyze the findings of your exam that includes, among other things, your diagnosis and the nature of your condition, postural analysis and a digital scan that shows whether or not your body's weight is equally balanced and identify any factors that may be contributing to, or exacerbating, your condition. Dr. Charlie will review these findings with you, discuss different treatment options for you to choose from based on your desired treatment goals and explain how each part of your treatment plan will be customized to you based on your unique condition to help accelerate both the healing process and postural correction during your initial phase of care at our office. Following this initial phase of care, you will be re-evaluated to assess your improvement and also to develop a supportive care plan going forward.

Our patients' input is very valuable to us in developing our treatment plans. Each treatment plan is developed with not only Dr. Charlie's treatment recommendations, but also with each patient's desired treatment goals. At our office, we believe that recovering from your injuries and achieving optimal health is a team effort and we consider our patients full-fledged partners in this venture. We value your input and respect your choice of desired treatment goals, whether it be simply recovering from a specific setback or using this opportunity to take control of your health and begin on the path to long-term wellness.