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New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms

Our new patient paperwork helps us gain valuable information about the current state of your health. We've made our new patient forms available here on our website to provide you with the opportunity to fill them out at your convenience prior to coming to our office. Please click on the link for the specific forms, chiropractic or massage, below needed for your appointment, print them out and fill them in with the required information prior to coming in for your initial appointment here at our office.

We value and respect the time of all of our patients. We appreciate that you've coordinated your schedule and availability with us and have chosen to come to our office for treatment. We hope to have the same respect from our patients in terms of our time as well. In scheduling your initial appointment, we are setting aside additional time than a regular appointment for you. This time is being withheld from our other established patients specifically for you.

We understand that things come up and schedules change and because of this, you may need to reschedule your appointment. In the event that you've scheduled an initial appointment with us and need to reschedule, please contact our office to let us know and we'll be happy to reschedule your appointment for another time. However, in line with reciprocal respect for both your time as well as ours, please know that those who schedule an initial appointment with us and do not come in for this appointment without contacting us prior or giving any notice that they will not be able to make it, with the exception of extreme circumstances, will not be able to reschedule this appointment and will be respectfully asked to seek treatment at another office. We thank you in advance for both your time as well as your consideration of ours.

For New Patients Seeing Dr. Charlie

New Patient Forms (Chiropractic)

*****PLEASE NOTE*****
Print out both the first four and last four pages of this PDF and then only the
functional index forms related to what you will be coming in to our office for

When filling out the functional index forms, only answer the questions on them.
Don't worry about any scoring of these forms. This will be done by Dr. Charlie.

For New Patients For Massage Therapy

New Patient Forms (Massage)