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What a Great Start on Mill Street!


What a Great Start on Mill Street!

Wow, what a first month at the new office! I normally try to find a picture for the blog entries here to correspond with the topic I'm writing about and for this entry. I couldn't think of a better picture than a big smiley face!

From my perspective, things could not be better on all fronts of the office. The new office is so much bigger, brighter and has such a professional presence, yet still has a comfortable vibe to it. Sonja and myself have yet to hear from anyone who doesn't like the new office, not only from the layout and how the office is decorated on the inside, but also it's location in town, being at the end of Mill Street, the main street in the Borough with a beautiful view of the Delaware River right through the reception area windows and just outside our front door!

It has taken a little time, as all big things such as moving an office, but we are now fully up and running with everything in place and functioning. Thanks to Foot Levelers, we have our brand new digital scanner with software that is on the cutting edge of diagnostic technology now up and running. I feel this scanner is an extremely important piece of equipment that will set our office apart from others in the fact that we can now customize a treatment plan, combining our chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapies and exercises, massage and custom-fit orthotics (if needed), that is specific and unique to each patient's specific conditions, aches, pains and injuries and get them on the fast track to recovery and long-term wellness.

Sonja's massage room is beautiful and really sets the tone for the rest and relaxation that a massage brings in addition to it's numerous therapeutic benefits. She has seen an increased response to people scheduling appointments with her in the short time that we have been there already! We have also seen a great influx of new patients that we have welcomed to the office family this past month and we are excited to be working together with them!

We can't say it enough how excited we are to have started this new chapter of the office at our great new location on such a great note and we look forward to getting the word out to the many residents in the area and showing them how we can help them. This is a big feat and something that we are excited to take on and we are asking our office patients, friends and supporters to help get the word out with us. With this in mind, we have unveiled our new "Check-In" Specials for Facebook and Foursquare users and are asking for your help in growing our online presence by something as simple as "Liking" our Office Facebook Page too.

I'd just like to finish things up by saying thank you to our patients for everything over this past month. Seeing your enthusiasm and happiness for the new office and how much everyone likes it and has wished good luck to Sonja and myself is something that has energized us to continue establishing our office as not only the best in the Borough, but also the best office in the Lower Bucks County area! Welcome to the new office everyone, this is only the beginning!