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Lower Bucks HeartChase

HeartChase is Coming to Bristol Borough!

Dr. Charlie is extremely happy to announce that he has teamed up with the American Heart Association as the executive co-chairman of the inaugural Lower Bucks HeartChase! HeartChase is both a fun and educational event that will be hosted for the first time ever right here in Bristol Borough on Sunday, September 29th!

HeartChase is different from the traditional walks such as the Relay for Life in that it's a smartphone and activity-based scavenger hunt set throughout downtown Bristol Borough. Teams of 2-5 people can sign up and go from checkpoint to checkpoint along the course and perform activities that promote exercise and physical activity, healthy and smart nutritional choices and other various causes that the American Heart Association advocates for. Once you finish each station, you use the free HeartChase app that you can download on your smartphone to scan a QR code that gives your team points for completing each activity. While on your way to the next checkpoint, keep your eyes open for hidden bonus tags that you can scan for extra points! An added bonus of the HeartChase app is that it live updates over the course of the event, allowing you to keep an eye on your competition along the way!

The activities at each checkpoint are both fun and light, so people of all fitness levels can participate in it! In fact, the winning team isn't based on who finishes first, but instead which team can accumulate the most points over the course of the game, making it both a fun and educational experience! With this in mind, HeartChase is the perfect opportunity for families to compete together as teams and learn about the steps it takes to be heart healthy together!

While HeartChase is a fun and competitive way to promote healthy living, it's also a fundraising event for the American Heart Association to raise funds to fight our country's #1 and #3 killers, cardiovascular disease and stroke. With this in mind, we've developed fundraising incentives to reward players and teams for achieving certain fundraising milestones such as event t-shirts as well as advantages that your team can use during the game!

In addition to the HeartChase event itself, our Game Day Central Station in Bristol Lions Park will include, among other things, a chinese auction, 50/50, a mobile photobooth, a face painter, DJ, light food and refreshments as well as prizes awarded to the winning team with the most points, the team that raises the most money and also for the team with the best costumes!

Dr. Charlie and the event committee are all working extremely hard to help make this a fun, enjoyable and memorable day for everyone in attendance. So we encourage you sign up a team to compete in the inaugral Lower Bucks HeartChase and hope you join us at Bristol Lions Park on Sunday, September 29th!

To register your team, or for more information, visit our event website

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