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Foot Levelers Top 10


Top Ten Ways Stabilizing Orthotics
Can Benefit Chiropractic Patients

If you've been to our office or frequent our website, you know that we place a high emphasis on using a total body approach to our patient care. This includes past history, work-related and recreational activites, postural assessment and weight balance, just to name a few, because many times we find these can be factors can be contributing to our patients pain and symptoms. We recommend Foot Levelers' Stabilizing Orthotics to help correct any postural or weight-bearing problems that could detrimentally affect your condition(s), which in turn helps maximize your response to treatment here at our office.

Dr. Mark Charette, a chiropractor and expert in the field or extremity adjusting who also understands the need for a full body approach to care and the use of Stabilizing Orthotics, recently put together a Top Ten List of ways that orthotics can benefit patients and I wanted to share it with you this month.

10. Satisfaction - Because stabilizers relieve many of the symptoms and complaints suffered by patients, using stabilzers in conjunction with chiropractic care will sustain the benefits of care and ultimately satisfy those who utilize them.

9. Put More Spring in Your Step - Stabilizers affect the entire body, making those who wear them feel better and reduce the effects of fatigue while walking.

8. Increase Athletic Performance - Because stabilizers significantly influence pelvic rotation and stride length and also improve balance and reduce fatigue, athletes who wear orthotics experience more consistent performance.

7. Alleviate Complications From Afecting the Foot - With many diseases, such as diabetes, there is added stress to the foot that cause complications that can lead to amputation in a worst case scenario. Stabilizers offer a cost-effective preventie measure against these complications.

6. Attain Better Posture - With the body in the proper alignment, which helps to reduce aches and pains, patients can better concentrate on achieving correct posture and stance.

5. Align the Body - Orthotics improve foot alignment and symmetry, and ultimately, help improve overall body alignment.

4. Improve the Biomechanics of the Knee - By reducing the Q-angle (the angle between your hips and your knees, the higher the angle the higher the risk for knee injuries) orthotics relieve stress to the knee. Without this added knee stress (one of the first casualties of gait abnormalities), the knee can properly stretch and rotate during the gait cycle.

3. Help Reduce Biomechanical Aches and Pains - Stabilizers positively affect the three critical functions of the foot: support, locomotion and shock absorption. The long-term effect of gait cycle abnormalities leads to the body unevenly compensating, leading to aches and pains in the ankle, knees, hips and spine.

2. Absorb Shock - Second only to restoring your body's balance is the importance of decreasing the shock of your heel striking the ground with each step while you walk. This heel stroke shock is a major cause of musculoskeletal difficulties, aches and pain that, when left unaddressed, can have harmful consequences for the body.

1. Add Balance to Your Life - The fact is that we are not symmetrical. This is intensified when patients suffer from over-pronation when walking and the body tries to compensate. Since this is one of the most common problems that chiropractors see, and the source of the majority of patients' problems, it only makes sense to prolong the benefits of your chiropractic care with the use of orthotics.

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