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Our Big News!



At the beginning of April, we promised that big news was on the way. I wanted to wait until everything was in place and now that it is, I'm happy to say that our office has taken a MAJOR step forward!

We were recently able to bring in some new rehabilitative therapies to the office that includes Cold Laser Therapy, electric stimulation, ultrasound as well as hot and cold packs and a brand new mechanical traction roller table! These new additions take our office from a regular chiropractic office and transforms us into one of the best equipped offices in the area that allows us to treat a broader spectrum of injuries and conditions then we were able to treat in the past and also accelerate the natural healing process of the conditions that we already see with our current patients!

We have also upgraded the massage services that we offer and are very excited to announce that we now offer Hot Stone Massage! This luxurious, rejuvenating specialty massage, normally only found in spas, is now available right here at our office! Hot Stone Massages allow for deeper muscle relaxation then normal massages through the placement of water-heated smooth stones at key points of the body.

Be sure to check out the links below to learn about the many new additions to our office!

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We're extremely excited about these new
additions to our office and we hope you are too!