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Foot Levelers 3D Body View Scanner

We're extremely excited to introduce the newest technology available here at our office, our Foot Levelers' 3D Body View scanner! Our office has always trusted Foot Levelers to provide our patients with high quality, custom-made stabilizing orthotics to give you the proper balance and stability your body needs to maintain its proper posture, alignment and maximize the benefits of your chiropractic care.

To those unfamiliar with chiropractic, when we tell our new patients that we'll be assessing their feet in addition to their back, some probably feel like they're in the wrong office, but assessing the feet is an integral part of chiropractic's whole-body approach to treatment.

Think of your feet as the foundation to your house. If there are cracks in your foundation, your house is unstable. If you patch the cracks in the walls without addressing the foundation, the cracks will eventually come back! We take this same approach when it comes to your body. If there are weight-bearing imbalances in your feet, this can lead to ankle, knee, hip and back pain. These imbalances in your feet must be addressed in addition to your chiropractic care to ensure long-term biomechanical and postural stability and put you on the road to optimal health!

Our 3D Body View utilizes cutting-edge laser technology to take a scan of your feet and uses Arch Height Mapping to evaluate how your feet are balancing your body's weight on each foot. The 3D Body View is the most accurate and precise imaging system on the market! Its laser technology (certified to be accurate within 300 microns, the width of two hairs) produces a 3D volumetric, true color image of your feet to help identify any weight-bearing imbalances in just under 60 seconds! In fact, the 3D Body View utilizes the same technology that is used for industrial inspection of jet engines and other critical precision equipment!

The result of this technology's precision and accuracy is the perfect orthotic made to specifically address and correct any abnormal weight-bearing imbalances and biomechanical stresses found on your scan, which in turn helps bring about peak performance and optimal health!

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