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ArthroStim and VibraCussor

We're very excited to share the addition of the ArthroStim, a motorized adjusting instrument, and the VibraCussor, a new modality used for percussion therapy, here at the office!

We feel these additions add yet another facet to the wide array of therapies available to our patients here at the office and allows us to help treat a wider variety of patients dealing with various injuries, aches, pains and chronic conditions in the process.

Below is a description of each, how they work, what conditions
they can be used for and the treatment benefits of each



Our ArthroStim adjusting instrument is a great compliment, and also an alternative, to our hands-on adjusting technique here at the office. The ArthroStim utilizes a motorized rapid toggle recoil motion delivered through multiple small and shallow thrusts that acts as a "neurological assist" to maximize your adjustments.

Our brain function is incredibly complex. In terms of pain perception, research has shown that when the pain processing center of our brain is activated, the motion processing center of our brain is inhibited. Conversely, when the motion processing center of our brain is activated, the pain processing center of our brain is inhibited. Long story short, our brain's pain perception is inhibited in the presence of motion.

With the same purpose that we apply our hands-on adjustments, we use the ArthroStim to introduce motion to spinal segments and other joints in the body that have lost their normal mobility. The introduction of motion into these segments and joints activate local receptors in the nervous system to sense this motion, relay this information to the brain, which activates the brain's motion processing center and, thereby, inhibits pain processing at the neurological level as well as restoring normal range of motion and mobility in those joints and spinal segments!

The ArthroStim is also a very versatile and valuable tool in our office that allows us to treat a wide variety of patients including infants and young children, older individuals with osteoporosis, those in acute and severe pain who cannot tolerate the force of a hands-on adjustment and also those who dislike "being cracked" by means of the hands-on adjusting technique.



Percussion therapy with the VibraCussor is an exciting new treatment approach for muscle, tendon and ligament problems as well as related myofascial conditions and injuries. The VibraCussor works by delivering waves of percussive impulses deep into the body's tissues to promote an increase in local circulation and lymphatic flow and decrease muscle spasm, tension and inflammation. It's also extremely effective in treating restrictive joint conditions in the shoulder (frozen shoulder), hip and knees joints with minimal discomfort.

The benefits of the VibraCussor include pain relief, improved joint mobility and range of motion, acceleration of the healing process, reduced inflammation and muscle spasms and trigger points as well as improved local circulation and lymphatic flow.

Again, we're very excited to bring the ArthroStim and VibraCussor here and begin integrating them into our treatment plans for our patients here at the office!

If you have any questions about either instrument or would like more
information about how they may help you, please call or stop by the office!